Photo Projects

I’ve written before about the photographic works I occasionally make.  For me there are sometimes things I want to explore visually that painting simply cannot do (I am aware others can and do succeed in this) and thats when I reach for the camera.  Often it is some kind of sociological, topographical or historical subject with a high degree of specificity that sparks off the need…or sometimes it is straightforwardly an image that was created photographically that seems ‘done’ so that no amount of painterly activity or intervention is needed.  Often it is the images that intrigue me.  And as the one above from time to time they are found images rather than ones I’ve taken.


This one is a case in point…it has always fascinated me…as I can’t quite imagine the story behind it.  The original (a large print for that time 12 x 20″) I stumbled across on a Cornish beach in the early 1970’s and whilst it was sodden I carefully dried it and secured it in one of my sketch books.  What’s going on here?  The subjects are clearly focused on the actual photographer whilst there is also another photographer at work…why?

Another of my long term photo interests has been old sets of 35mm slides…I have a fair collection of these – one such being a set of 12 produced as teaching aids for the study of Cumbernauld New Town.  Discussing with my pal Simon…I’m thinking a trip to the site to try and capture each image (as closely as possible) to the original would make an interesting piece?  Here’s some flats from the series…are they still standing?



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