The Art Of Travel

2014-10-03 20.03.22

Over the past four days I’ve been travelling again – this time to Nuremberg to collect the work of Kevin Coyne for the Happy Little Fat Man exhibition we are planning for Deda and Derby Art School from November to next February.  I love travelling but this trip was rather testing…some 1500 plus miles over effectively two days with an all too brief stopover in Nuremberg in the middle.  It was fortunate that my pal came along as it really wasn’t a wise trip to do solo.

Sometimes its possible to really savour the places you visit but sadly this wasn’t that kind of trip – there was a job to be done and the timeframe was tight.  Not that there weren’t moments that were a real pleasure.  The city is delightful and given the unseasonable weather…it was more hot midsummer rather than autumn…it looked a treat.


In the wonderful and spectacular Neues Museum the Amish Quilts and James Turrell show was a stunner.  I’d really no idea of the stark simplicity of the quilts and quite how modern they look. And it was good to see the early Turrell works.  Now begins the hard work of cataloguing the material collected, getting photographs done and sorting out the press material and merchandising…here’s a first – I think rather amusing – image from the stuff collected…The artist with Alarming Friend



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