It was my sixty third year to heaven…



a line I stole from Dylan Thomas…from his “Poem In October’.  So just ahead of my birthday an all too brief visit to West Wales with my friend Simon during which we took a detour going back towards Cardiff to Laugharne where he lived and worked for four years.  This is an idyllic spot and the small shed where he worked is just about the best situated workroom…though I doubt I’d have got much writing done with the views from the windows.  Then on my return from this trip off to…well…off to a mystery location with my wife who set up this even briefer birthday celebration.  As we headed east it became clear we were not going to the north of The Wash…and so it was we found ourselves in North Norfolk at the equally stunning Holkham Bay.


So from the furthest point west to one not so far from the furthest east (at least in middle England).  Sadly on this walk through the Burn estuary out to the beach I missed the photo of the Heron that is just out of sight in the picture above…I’d never have made a decent wildlife photographer even supposing I had the kit to do so.  Of which we saw plenty on the one and a half mile journey to the beach where something must have been stirring for the aforementioned to have gathered in strength as you can see to the right in this picture…what it was we never discovered.


This was the ideal trip away…glorious weather, a new location to explore, relaxing on a Caribbean beach (honestly you might have sworn so), a great hotel, a fantastic dinner and a stroll down to Old Hunstanton beach, the only location in Norfolk to see a glorious sunset…which duly obliged…though you’ll have to take my word for it…I took neither iPhone nor camera.


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