Sometimes I find I’m losing my way…time to sit down, take a hard look and have a proper rethink.  It’s happened that way this week and the three days in the studio have been a bit of a slog.  But I think there’s now just a faint glimmer of hope that these Conversation Pieces might just be coming back out of the crazy cul-de-sac I’d painted them into. The background ‘chatter’ that I’d wanted made the conversation turn into a slanging, potty mouthed ranting so I’ve tidied up their exchanges to make them a bit more civilised.  At least I think that’s the story…I now have a day at Uni to mull over the changes…perhaps they will seem more or less satisfactory the next time I get in front of them.

4 thoughts on “Rethinking

  1. Cheers chaps! Having had time to reflect I shall be back in the studio Tuesday to try and lick the other four into a similar situation. I’d be flattered by the Bonnard ref…but I’m a ways off that methinks!

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