Stormy Weather

I tend to blog on my ‘big mac’ that sits in the little study area at the top of the chapel…about fifty feet up and in the eaves of the building.  So when the wind blows and the rain lashes down you are very aware of it.   Not that we are getting the worse of the weather that has afflicted the west coast, and especially Cornwall, Devon and the Somerset levels over the past few weeks.  It all seems a bit incongruous then to be making these Cornish Coast pictures, that originated from a few beautiful days back in November spent in Sennen Cove and the surrounding environs, with regular news reports of the battering the Atlantic is giving the coast.

Polpry, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 20 cm. 2014

It’s interesting for me to take a quick ‘google peek’ at what images are thrown up when you put in these place names (Polpry Cove)…here’s a somewhat different interpretation of the location taken from the results when I did just that…






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