I’ve been invited to be one of 118 artists from across the globe (including some quite hefty names in the painting field amongst them) to participate in a project entitled (Detail).  Each of us is being asked to supply a detail from a recent work, the work and what we decide is a relevant ‘detail’ is up to us.  One of the drawbacks of a studio in a large Victorian Mill is that when the temperature drops it is all too easy to convince oneself to retreat to home and the warm study area…well at least today I had an excuse…

So I got out the camera and fixed the macro lens and shot several details from the two “Full Metal Jacket” pictures that are completed.  Its also easy to get seduced by the detail shots…and on the big screen they look pretty lively.



So choosing the ‘right’ detail is quite hard…and does one go for something that is visually dynamic in its own right – or something that ‘represents’ the painting more accurately?  And does that matter in a context where each artist is ‘represented’ by a single photographic image of a detail.  It will also be quite fascinating to see what 118 ‘details’ shown together on a single wall will look like.

Anyway…I didn’t go for those above that seemed a wee bit too ‘theatrical’ for my taste but this one…



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