The past may not be another country…

Tracerie Oct 71 6x6ft Acrylic On Canvas
Tracerie, c. 6 x 6ft. Acrylic On Canvas, October 1971

In 1971 off the back of a couple articles in magazines my obsession with early Richard Tuttle stained canvases peaked and I was enthralled by the work of Sam Gilliam.  I never saw one for real until a couple days back when we were wandering around the second floor of Tate Liverpool and in one of their ‘Constellation’ displays (one revolving around their Pollock) was this Sam Gilliam piece from the year before.  As it now happens I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, in my exuberance, I may have pushed the idea on a bit!  Nonetheless I felt honoured to finally have the opportunity to see one of his works in the flesh.

Sam Gilliam   Shimmering, c. 4 ft. l., Acrylic on Fabric with leather strap, 1970


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