Gone South


No better way to start 2014 than a little trip down south and despite appearances this isn’t Barcelona or Venice but dear old Margate.  Somehow whilst the west of Britain was being battered by severe storms we enjoyed some bright sunshine though the coat gives away the fact of the cold wind.  Nonetheless Turner Contemporary beckoned, though the Turner/Constable show was a little disappointing…relatively few works by the two of them and, despite the presence of Girtin, Crome and Towne amongst others, a bit of an academic exercise rather than a satisfying exhibition.  The Dorothy Cross show was more engaging though again overall it seemed a tad ‘bitty’.  Still lunch overlooking the sunlit harbour was pretty good!  Onwards south to Dungeness…both myself and Sarah have always had a hankering to visit the place and especially to take a peek at Derek Jarman’s cottage.


Neither disappointed…though again we were blessed with some absolutely dramatic light conditions that showed off this extraordinary landscape to great effect.  Of course the photos of Prospect Cottage usually show it in splendid isolation – its not quite like that in the flesh.  Though the opposite side of the road is a barren and strange vista.



Further down the road the weirdness of Dungeness is racketed up by the presence of the nuclear power station…and the very tip is wild and windy in the extreme. Or so it seemed as the afternoon light took on an even more foreboding aspect…



All this on the first of our two days away…and I hadn’t yet got to either of the shows that had been my pretext for this trip…


One thought on “Gone South

  1. Looks like the show at the Turner was up to the same standard as the time we went. It would seem that this is wonderful site under utilised which is a real shame.

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