Open Studio 2013



One wall of TFTLR at the Open Studio event this weekend past.  I pinned up a brief statement by way of explanation…

“A few weeks back I was thinking hard about a next move in making some work.  Encountering Lauri Hopkins work (on show by the studio entrance now) made me feel that the paintings on aluminium that Ive been labouring on for nearly a year were somehow over elaborated.  Not surprising perhaps as the imagery has been at play for nearly two years now (earlier pictures, oil on canvas, watercolours) and I’ve fairly exhausted my capacity to deal with them and with the ways of making them.  I got to thinking more about the predicament just as I was contemplating shifting out a huge stockpile of timber offcuts from under the stairs to our cellar.  And that’s how these – Tales From The Lumber Room – came about.

The process couldn’t be simpler really…I take a few pieces of the lumber, clart them together with a little wood glue, and put some paint on them ( all in one session).  And behind the actions as little premeditation as is possible.  A complete contrast to the two years work that preceded it.  There is one of these odd little pieces for each day if (as is inevitable in a busy life) I miss a day the next day I make two. What I make of them I’m still not sure but that’s always been the case with my work, and whether they are finished I’m still working out.  How long I’ll keep at it I don’t know either…but there’s a big stack of timber still down there.”

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