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Study - Furies
Study for ‘Furies’, Acrylic on Paper, 45.5 x 47, 1976

Today I started a class in French courtesy of the WEA and the timing of it made it hard to get to the studio so rather than get stuck into a watercolour or pastel I did a bit more archiving.  I guess we are all archivists nowadays…even if only in the digital realm…but this is one of those ongoing tasks I set myself when I gave up fulltime HE some five years back now.  So given how little progress I’ve made its clearly not something top of my ‘to do’ lists.  Still the process I’ve established – clearing one drawer of one of the plan chests, photographing, measuring and recording the info before carefully inserting with tissue paper – does give one time to reflect on what one did then – and what relationship if any it has to what is done now.   And these pictures from 1976 it seems to me share certain similarities to my ongoing ‘Conversation’ pieces that are hopefully going to get their first proper public outing next year.

study the scottish play
Study for ‘Scottish Play’, Acrylic on Paper, 48 x 48, May 1976

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