On to the next show



And now that ‘The Discipline of Painting’ is underway…it’s already time to start thinking about, and organising the arrangements for, ‘Painting Too’…the follow on exhibition that will look at more abstraction that, to put it rather indelicately, is a whole lot messier than the first!  Of course I am being rather cheeky in saying this as all the artists in this second look at abstraction are just as pernickety about their pictures as those that precede them.  It’s rather that, instead of a lot of planning and thinking through in advance of making in this show it is more reaction and response that is the hallmark of the works on display.  However one of those exhibiting was right on the money perhaps because he was coming to the show from so far away.  Stephen B. MacInnis will, I am sure, be pretty well known to most readers of this blog.  His extraordinary commitment to the ‘Long Series’ and the amazing originality and continuing invention of it is – I am sure – fairly unique in the current field of abstraction.  I am absolutely delighted to have a sequence of images from it in ‘Painting Too’

2 thoughts on “On to the next show

  1. Hello David
    I am sorry I missed Painting Too – it was advertised as finishing today, but when I enquired I was told that the Studios were not open today..please can you let me know whether the paintings will still be up and on display on Tuesday 26 October, as I could come along at lunchtime to see them then?
    Please could you email me at the address below to let me know?

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