When the game is afoot…

2013-09-27 20.32.25

its rather difficult to keep up with the blog…but that’s how it should be.  After all this is a kind of commentary on life…not a substitute for it.  Since I last posted I’ve been to Chichester on the south coast (very nearly) and back to Hackney in London. Onto other locations nearer to home and out and about…including being a part of the event (badly) photographed above.  As part of Derby’s Feste last Friday evening saw a performance of ‘As The World Tipped’ by Wired Aerial Theatre, an extraordinary piece of work where five performers and two accomplices scaled an enormous screen.  It’s impossible to describe it adequately but this video may give you an idea…  If you get a chance go see it live!

It got me thinking that creative practice is a very broad church indeed.  And sometimes I’m a little overwhelmed by how insignificant my own activity is within it all.  Over this period I’ve done little in the way of creative work…managing just a couple more TFTLR pieces in the garage…preparatory to getting in the studio tomorrow…when I plan to focus exclusively on my own work for a day…sheer hedonism!



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