I try as much as possible to discipline myself here to talk only of visual arts practice but of course there is a lot of other stuff that figures in one’s life besides paintings, drawing, sculpture and the like.  Music is a crucial component in my life and although I’ve never shown the slightest ability to perform it I love listening to others.  My tastes are eclectic in the extreme…I’m happy to go from Coltrane to the Carpenters or Formby to the Fall and pretty much everything in between.  Nowadays I find it hard to get that real buzz of excitement from a lot of new music.  In the broad contemporary popular field and jazz (the two areas I most listen to) it’s often hard not to think “I’ve heard that before…and done better” – it’s a curse of getting older I suppose.  But just occasionally something comes along that really makes you sit up and listen…Try this.