Busy busy…


Another busy day… plotting the details of my teaching for the coming academic year that is very nearly upon us.  Luckily nowadays I have only the teaching I’m doing (a relatively modest contribution to a couple modules this semester and module leadership of two after Xmas) rather than the endless and distressing administration and so forth that came with being a senior member of staff in one of our very challenging new universities.  I came back to a reminder of the date of delivery for the next significant exhibition I’m making…and the 15th November seemed a long way off back before summer…it doesn’t seem so now.  I’m excited to be showing alongside a major exhibition at Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre, that will feature work by a host of big names (Hockney, Hamilton, Kitaj, Hodgkin, Hirst, Quinn, Turk to namecheck just a few) and I’ll be hanging around (literally) the outside of the gallery that will be displaying them!  It should be a lot of fun!


Coming to the computer I discovered a lovely new work in the Long Series by the irrepressible Stephen MacInnis.  In a way, although I suspect, coming from a very different wellspring, it reminded me of the work I was making way back in 1980…large paintings on paper that were very dark and doomy.  Then again given that Stephen is embarked on a long journey that requires him to be endlessly inventive (I really don’t know how he manages it) and very very busy…I realise what a sedate pace I’m going at…and with so many images he is creating there may be a fair few of us who can lay claim to a similarity to one or another of a series that is already heading past 1400 pictures!



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