2013-06-26 14.30.22


Ok so not travelling on something like this…more a regular cross Channel ferry.  And away then for three weeks…in a location where its unlikely that I’m going to get a regular internet connection.  So much on the agenda over the past week or so…beginning with a visit to the Albert Dock (pictured above) to see the Chagall exhibition (well worth the asking price).  Then into organising and putting on the current Harrington Mill exhibition whilst simultaneously organising my work to go to the Tarpey gallery for the upcoming show there.  Oh and continuing with my MOOC programme… and sorting out those little details that a driving trip across Western Europe occasions.  Still am really looking forward to the view of those Appenines and Apuane Alps again.  So it’s buona notte until the 27th July when I shall be back for the opening at the Tarpey Gallery @ 6pm…