2013-06-18 15.04.14



I really ought to be in the studio today…for starters I could try and resolve these two!  But a day of examining yesterday, whilst enjoyable, took more energy than usually has been the case in the past.  Coupled with that is an impending sense of a need to sort out my online presence. It now seems that most young graduates have a really sophisticated site up before they have even graduated…mine is a dogs breakfast designed by a camel consisting of a gaggle of myself’s drawn from the past decade…

Its not that there isn’t material…in fact theres a load of it but rather more that its scattered about like discarded confetti and suggests that I am completely chaotic.  And that isn’t entirely far from the truth but I’d like to think there’s a modicum of method to the madness.  On top of my online arts presence my original 80gig iPod (containing virtually my entire music collection up to 2007…and those that know me know thats a hell of a lot) threw a wobbly a few days back and has had to be reset to factory settings. As the entire digital collection is stored on the external hard drive its quite a challenge offloading the current pod’s collection and re-importing the earlier one to resync it…

3 thoughts on “Fatigue

  1. Oh its backed up alright…but on a hard drive that has decided not to operate with this mac… and yes Gregory – of course you’re right…the work is more important than its digitisation but I can’t help feeling my site now looks tired and emotional!

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