More on Mr. Moon



My last post occasioned interest from two of the painter’s I’ve met online over the past couple years…the net has been a real revelation in hooking people up of ‘like mind’.  I sometimes think of the quotation (that I think I’ve posted before, if so forgive me) I used to use occasionally in my lecture on abstract painting – ‘Never Trust A Painter’ – from Dave Hickey (writing about David Reed I think) who said abstraction is like Jazz “The people who are interested in it know where to find it – no-one else gives a shit”.  Well there’s more of us…many more of us than I ever realised before we had the web and blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.  But I digress…this picture was very big indeed…called East Light as I remember.  And this one Omega – a bit smaller but still fairly hefty.  Sadly (as with many of the shows I documented) I only retained a few images and for this show no installation shots.



I loved these rugged beasts of pictures…they followed on from his earlier work of super cool melamine strips in acid and metallic combinations and were such a contrast.  His more recent work hasn’t given me the same buzz but ‘back in the day’ these were simply marvellous.  See some more here.

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