Good Day’s Work

2013-06-12 16.27.37

A very productive day in the studio despite the weather doing its best impression of a dark winter’s day in mid-June (the mild temperature gave the game away though).  The way the really fluid acrylic sits on the surface of the aluminium when laid out on the table reminded me occasionally of the work I was making back in 1980.  Then I used very large sheets of heavy cartridge that were soaked in lashings of copolymer emulsion glazing to build up dense dark surfaces and threw them around rather casually to gain loose shaped effects.  When I’d had enough I backed the whole thing with glass fibre sheeting to keep them (reasonably) solid.  8:80 was one of the biggest at around 6 x 4 ft.



Strangely enough just a few minutes back I read a piece on the American artist Susan Roth (someone not previously known to me) in Abstract Critical who was doing something similar though with a lot more colour in play and on canvas rather than paper.  Back in art school I’d used the loose canvas idea (inspired by seeing Richard Tuttle at the ICA in When Attitudes Become Form) but pushing oil paint into the surface and scraping it off to create a kind of oil cloth.



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