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My last entry referred to my friend Robert Luzar, Robert hails from Toronto by way of Slovenia (where he was born and lived until the age of seven) but has been resident in the UK studying for the past twelve years (he has just completed his PhD at Central St. Martins). Whilst Robert and his wife Natalie were staying with us I had a ping back on my Jack Bush post from Dr. Sarah Stanners who is currently working on a Bush Catalogue Raisonne to coincide with a major show in Canada.  This coincidence got me thinking about other Canadian connections one of which was the appearance of the painter David Craven in a show at the Ikon back in 1980 of five artists from that country.  At the time his paintings seemed quite cutting edge…literally so as he combined shaped canvases with ingenious construction into corners of spaces (see above and below).



I was much taken with these although also a little irritated!  As about six or nine months earlier I’d abandoned my huge paper with reinforced glass fibre support pieces to start making plywood constructed corner pieces (see below) and had yet to exhibit any of them.  I naturally became convinced that everyone I knew locally would think I’d ripped off the idea from Craven.


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  1. Sarah Stanners

    Hello again Prof. Manley… you might be pleased to know that a David Craven exhibition is in the works and will eventually open at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario (Canada). I think they hope to tour the show.

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