Thoughts on figuration…

bish bosh
photo photoshopped – source for new pictures?


Though I have at least three projects already in mind for when I’ve finished the current Deadly Delicious series I’m now giving some thought to figuration again. This seems to be a decade long itch (or thereabouts). Something similar happened back in 2004 and before that in 1994 (though that mainly resulted in incorporating some photographic images into the assemblage paintings at that time) and also back in 1984 when it grew into a peculiar and frankly bizarre two or three year interlude that culminated in making paintings about cricket!  At that point I stepped back and metaphorically hit the figurative ball for a big six right out of the ground…

End Of Empire
End Of Empire, Oil on Canvas, 78 x 62 inches, 1984

This time I’m imagining making some paintings that reflect my interest in looking at ‘old art’…something I do a lot more of nowadays, in part as a result of my trips out with my pal Simon.  Hence the little fella with the cow? about to fall on his head (top of column).  Regular and eagle eyed readers may be able to figure out where he was plundered from…  I’m also intending to keep the formal and stylistic manners from the current work and of course the debate might continue…the current series after all are images of something that exists and we can ‘see’ (courtesy of electron microscopy) and the guy here is pretty much ‘abstracted’ already and I haven’t yet begun painting him…  So maybe the gap between the two will be quite small.

One thought on “Thoughts on figuration…

  1. Perhaps a way of combining these disperate strands would be to start a new project of watercolour paintings of cricketers and their cricket grounds, of Melton borough. This would fit nicely with your recent project based on the villages of North West Leicestershire…ha ha

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