So much left to do


A period away from home always gets me moving faster when I get back.  It’s that feeling that I have so much I want to get done in my life and the realisation that time is a very finite resource.  So today I was up at 5am scribbling furiously on one of my drawings for the Deadly Delicious series but all the while thinking of the various other ongoing projects I have in the studio.  Like ‘big orange’ above.  This is one of a series of something like thirty five or so pictures that I’ve been playing with, on and off, for nearly five whole years now – and apart from one of our studio Open Weekends have never been exhibited anywhere.  ‘big orange’ is over two metres tall and I just don’t know where, nowadays, an artist of very modest reputation such as myself could find a gallery big enough for these biggest paintings in the series.  Most of the galleries in this region won’t touch abstract painting with a barge pole anyway so really big pictures would be a real no no.  Perhaps this is why this group of works remain (in my thinking) very unfinished…there’s really no need to do so!


And whilst I was away I worked on a new idea…that sprang from the leak in the roof of the back room at my friend’s house!  Sadly a rather nice almost unused sketchbook had become drenched in the room (it being many months since we were last there) and was to be discarded.  I took it and carefully laid it out a few pages at a time on the terracotta roof next to the terrace to dry each of its leaves.  Once dry I have some good images of it…


I then took some charcoal from the kitchen fire (the weather was so poor we kept it in fairly permanently) to draw into these rather stained and curled pages – I liked the idea of using only a found material.  Over the eight days I had once the book had dried out I determined to fill each page with a drawing and/or text.  The charcoal was of course not ideal nor compressed in the way that commercial materials are but I liked the labour required to get any intensity of mark.  A couple mornings into the project I chanced to move the book on the table and loved the residues that had accumulated…



so much so that, and here I’m still pondering what and how, I might incorporate these images into what I think will eventually become A Nature Book.  So yet another project (and one – because we were flying on this occasion with severe baggage restrictions – separated in contents by over a thousand miles!) is started and added to an ever growing pile…




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