Just getting on with it



Sometimes it comes down to just getting on with it.  I should be sitting on a terrace on a Northern Tuscan hillside looking south over the Apuane Alps with a glass of red plonk but because of the UK transport system’s inability to cope with a couple centimetres of snowfall I am still here in Blighty.  Hopefully tomorrow will see our flight going out on time but every cloud they say…so today I got into the studio again and made yet more progress with the current project.



Just as well really…time marches on and I have to have images ready for a publication to be put to bed in mid May for the show in November.  So at the very least a few of the works need to be finished for then.  November seemed a long way off last autumn…it’s much nearer now – and will be even more so when we get back in a fortnight.



And I could have shown you a beautiful picture of the terrace on a lovely day (we have many such…) but the way the weather is right now, across all Europe it seems,I’ve chosen one of Verpiana in the rain!

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