Some Days…

IMG_2582start out not so promising…but just get better and better.  Today is one of those.  I went to the studio with zero enthusiasm and in Artic conditions (at least by UK standards).  In these circumstances it is best (for me at any rate) to do something very mechanical.  So I battened all the mdf supports to the aluminium sheets for an hour or so whilst the space heater warmed the place up.  By the time I had them all done I was already feeling a whole lot better and able to get into the painting…and it suddenly became one of those days when you remember exactly why you wanted to do this kind of thing in the first place.  The sheer joy of putting a brush loaded with paint to a surface with only the sketchiest idea of the outcome is one of the most satisfying things I can ever imagine!



Eventually I had to call it quits – pretty much every one of the paintings underway suffering from paint drying delays but plenty to celebrate and several near to, or maybe even at?, completion.  And during the day a whole host of alerts for Linked In messages from old friends and colleagues in response to the message I’d sent out about our Studio exhibition programme, OK quite a few saying they couldn’t make it but lovely nonetheless that they had replied.


And finally a positive reply to my response to Stephen MacInnis’ call for another swop…that hopefully will result in acquiring one of his marvellously and endlessly inventive Long Series.  So all in all a damn good day…only slightly marred by my ankle swelling up again and needing treatment this evening!




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