The first exhibition of the new season at Harrington Mill Studios has just been installed.   I’m curating this years programme which is one of my pleasures in life alongside making work and teaching.  I love working with other artists whose work I enjoy and getting the opportunity to bring differing bodies of work together or as in this case help an artist to shape their show.

DPP07DC04100A3002Although I’m excited about the whole programme (and think we have some interesting and vibrant work coming up – link here) I am especially pleased about the exhibition that I’m calling The Discipline of Painting. This is a tongue in cheek reference back to the show The Indiscipline of Painting that toured the UK a year or two back and will focus on the abiding passion that some artists have for formal abstraction.



I have taken a painting of mine from 1973 (!) called Yellowgate and used it as a pivot for work through the intervening forty years that shares a certain intensity for form and colour.  Amongst the exhibitors I’m delighted that a young artist Lauri Hopkins has agreed to show some of her book works – an ingenious take on formal abstraction.