White Cube…


I just posted to Stephen MacInnis‘ page that I wished I had some decent making skills…and here I am trying to fashion a 15″ white cube.  Why?  because my good friend and colleague Peter Moss set our students this task last Friday and I thought I’d try it out for myself to see if it would be as difficult as some of the cohort suggested – and damn it…it is!  Certainly it is if one took on board Peter’s instruction ‘to make it a good one”.  Although I don’t think it will turn out too bad I’m pretty sure already that it hasn’t got the finesse he was hoping for.  Then there was also the follow up requirement to fill it with things…what things? well that was for you to decide.  So even when I have the thing made I need to think up some suitable contents…I’ve one or two ideas but any suggestions out there!?

Oh and the paintings proceed apace – though as I have decided to loosen things up a little there’s a fair amount of pouring going on and – even using acrylics – this takes drying time.  So plenty of spaces in between for playing with the white cube…


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