At last the first eight are up on the studio walls – decks cleared, primer on and one at least (the test piece) being given ‘some treatment.  At the moment I’m feeling very positive about them.  I like the way they sit just off the wall and the distance is such that unless you view extremely obliquely the shadow ensures that the mdc support is pretty much hidden.  I am very struck by the sharpness of the edge of the aluminium that makes the break between object and image very abrupt and matter of fact.  So far (very early days) I’m happy with the way acrylic sits on the surface and the intensity of colour it provides – as well as the surface strength that allows for plenty of push and pull, sanding down and building up.

There were moments of pangs of regret though – not least when the pristine objects were sat on the wall…I posted this image to Facebook suggesting they were almost too pretty to paint…