I’ve mentioned the ‘I’ series before – the dozen or so small canvases I keep around for those moments when you are between actions on the bigger pictures and there’s a little colour going spare, on the brush or in the pot – and now they are boxed up to try and encourage me to get on with the job in hand.  The first eight aluminium circles are to hand now and I really have to get cracking with them.  The test piece bonded to the mdf nicely and sits just a little way off the wall.  Another aspect of this is that 1mm thick aluminium has no really discernable edge something that like a lot of other abstract painters I know is always some sort of issue (what a sad bunch we are!).  The other seven are now bonded, and tomorrow or maybe Monday if we go walking – and today’s weather if it holds says we ought to – will be primed.  Another task yesterday was testing out exactly how to go about the painting process.  I considered a variety of approaches and weighed up the medium.  I may be wrong but my hunch was that oils might struggle to dry on such an unforgiving support especially as I’m fond of giving the mix a big slug of wax medium.  In any event I’d pretty much decided to try and reduce the surface facture a little so it seemed acrylic ought to be the obvious choice. However that seemed maybe a little too obvious so I was casting around for other media – household gloss maybe? Enamels? Commercial car spray even?  But in the end maybe obvious is best.

And so it is…at least my first test outs suggest that once the gesso ground is on it will be.  Having roughed out a gesso ground there was little else to do…except…

My wife bless her recently shifted her practice over to oils and so we dragged out of her studio five containers of acrylics, some empty, some with a dribble or two, still others untouched.  So I spent a happy two hours sorting through this windfall…not exactly avoidance again but keeping me from the main objective.



Just before I decided to call it a day though, I checked the gesso and found it dry…so far so good…dare I put a little colour on…yep and I think its gonna work out fine…

One response to “No More Distractions”

  1. kevin Avatar

    I know the feeling of being on the threshold and just needing to jump in. Hope it goes well.

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