Aarrggh! Bubonic Plague Returns…



This one was a little laborious truth to tell…I’m thinking that the large version on the aluminium may be simplified a little and the colour scheme altered to punch up the images and differentiate them from the ground.  We tend to think that it has disappeared from the scene…but it’s still ‘out there’ albeit a rare occurrence.  A 7 year old girl in Colorado contracted it last autumn but luckily she was treated fast and made a full recovery.  Back in the middle ages it is reckoned to have wiped out a third of Western Europe…

2 thoughts on “Aarrggh! Bubonic Plague Returns…

    1. Thanks Kevin, I’m in the early stages of choosing around eight of the circles and ovals for making up into larger paintings for display as an installation towards the end of the year…so feedback on what ‘works’ and what doesn’t is very helpful!

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