Get Your Tanks Off My Lawn



Stephen MacInnis was kind enough to comment on this painting…exhumed (and I think that’s the right word!) from my stores during the recent move – now thankfully nearly completed.  It is one of the ‘Conversation Pieces’ that are a on-going series of pictures that mass forms on either side of the picture plane and leave a large area of ground between them.  The majority of the works to date are relatively small (the largest number of canvases are 60×50 cm) though there are some a bit bigger.  The scale of the pictures is important…and maybe the size is too…  After all the expanse of colour might well be a determining factor in how the viewer receives the pictures as a whole.  I have at present only two more at the size of ‘Get Your Tanks’ on the go (and that is code for started nearly three years ago and sitting in the stack pretty much ever since…) but with the prompt from Stephen I may give them a bit more attention between now and the festive season…so thanks!

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