Duck, You Sucker!


Titled after the catchphrase that James Coburn used in ‘A Fistful Of Dynamite’ – one of Sergio Leone’s less famous films.  This painting has been lurking at the back of my paintings store and has been unearthed during the move from one end of Harrington Mill to the other.  At the time (2009) I thought it a bit of a failure but now I’m thinking it has some aspects that I’m rather pleased with…and it sits alongside some other paintings of that period quite nicely.  Not least ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ who was recently sold.

Talking of selling (or not) I’ve been, somewhat surprisingly, invited to show some pieces in an exhibition and auction at the Nottingham Castle Museum from late in the month through February 2013.  I say surprisingly as firstly I don’t tend to have a clearly recognisable ‘style’ nor a regular purchasing clientele and secondly, as I’m getting on a bit now, I tend not to be bracketed with ‘the younger generation’ (that means anyone under 60!).  Still it was nice to be asked to be in a mixed show that grandly proclaims that it’s ‘Nottingham Painting Now’…though I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other painters in the city (some of them friends and acquaintances) who’d dispute it.  In my defence the title is nothing of my doing!

The auction takes place on December 13th at 6:30 pm if you are interested in coming along (though I believe you have to book in).  Besides myself the artists included are Yelena Popova, Lois Gardner Sabet, Geoff Diego Litherland, Frank Kent, Thomas Wright, Sarah R Key, Steven Ingman, Simon Raven, Jackie Berridge and Bruce Asbestos.

I’m exhibiting one or two of my small, ongoing series of ‘Blue Note 45’ paintings and a couple of the older ‘L’Irlande de Sul’ digital works.


Doodlin’ Blue Note 45 No. 15 (25 x 25 cm.)


L’Irelande Del Sud No. 6, 2002, 61 x 61 cm. Inkjet and Acrylic on Canvas on Wood


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