New Studio Space


Busy times persist…this week starting to move into my lovely new space at Harrington Mill.  I’ve been very fortunate to get the space vacated by Sheila Ravnkilde who has moved out.  It gives me a great deal more useful wall space that will allow me to keep larger canvases ‘on the go’ rather than having to perpetually shift things around.  So far I’ve moved only a few things in…and already I can see that storage is going to continue to be an ongoing issue.  But for now I’m just enjoying the space that has allowed me the opportunity to see all the larger canvases in the on-going ‘Conversation’ series together for the first time.  And being able to get back a distance from them is very helpful in the endeavour to resolve them.  Sadly just as I’m getting stuck in I have to break off to go and teach.  However I’m also really looking forward to the next three days in the studios on the excellent Painting & drawing BA (Hons) degree at the University of Northampton.

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