I’ve been mulling over Stephen MacInnis’ comment on small works and whilst I broadly agreed with his notion I wondered why at this moment I’ve started thinking about size again.  And I think that maybe it’s colour…and specifically strong intense colour.  I guess it’s that thrill of seeing so much of an intense cadmium red for example in one of those late Patrick Heron’s and in the context of the drawings that are coming out of the “Deadly Delicious details’ I have started thinking about Clyfford Still.  Now this worries me a little as firstly I have now starting thinking that if I turn them into large canvases they may well look a litle too much like his work and secondly my knowledge of his work is limited pretty much to that picture in the Tate (that I know from repeated viewings) and my viewing once or twice of a few others in other contexts.  It makes me think that one of those ‘things to do before you die’ is to get over to Buffalo and really immerse myself in his work…maybe I should do it before I start on the large canvases!


And the last thing I did before the weekend was tidy up (I do realise that the photo doesn’t necessarily point this up but you should have seen it earlier!).  It will be nice to arrive to clean brushes and pots today…


I’ve been mull…

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