A Different Look

A rather different look in the studio at present.  The ‘Deadly Delicious’ series is stalled until the new supports arrive so I have taken the opportunity to both rewind with the unfinished or abandoned pictures from my ‘Conversation Pieces’ and fast forward to explore some new ideas around the virus forms,colours and formats.  It’s interesting looking back at marks and forms that were created over a year or two and revisiting or revising them.  In particular I am astounded sometimes how a slightest of variations in the colour of the grounds of the ‘Conversations’ alters their ambience and formal relationships.  But then again its not so different to the grounds of the DD paintings that never seem to resolve themselves until the entire colour revision has been worked in.

I am using pastel now to play with colour in a far more lurid manner than I would allow myself with the paint.  I intend (sometime next year) to put these formal structures onto canvas of a larger size than of recent times.  Although not large by the standards of the past they will be significantly larger than quite a bit of recent abstraction that seems to be quite small. Being of such a scale such intensity of colour would likely be way too lurid to be manageable – we’ll see I guess.   Perhaps too I have gone overboard with the pastels as a reaction to the first 7 or 8 of these that I restricted to monochrome.

3 thoughts on “A Different Look

  1. It is interesting how so much abstraction is of a small scale. I like small works very much. I wonder sometimes if it’s some form of a reaction against the gigantic scale that seems to be dominant in the “Blue Chip” art world?

      1. Yes that too, and possibly a greater freedom and sense of control, and by that I mean that with small works you can stick them under your arm and carry them off to the next exhibition. Big works you have to borrow a truck to get them places or they are difficult and expensive to ship. I also find that small works invite you to get up close. You have to get into their personal space.

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