Macmillan Fundraiser – A Week Today!

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I studied at Falmouth School of Art with some very interesting staff including Ron Smith, Philip Hogben and Francis Hewlett but in my first year one of the best conversations I had was with the then Principal, Michael Finn.  It was a chance conversation as I was hanging some drawings in a corridor exhibition space but he gave me twenty or so minutes of encouragement and advice that are still enriching my practice today, just over forty years later!  A few years back I had the opportunity to visit his studio, sadly some years after his death, and view the body of work he made mainly in the period from his retirement from HE until his death twenty or more years later.  As a student I had no idea what kind of artist he was or what sort of work he made – I never saw any of it either then or until relatively recently.  But when I did get to see it around five years ago I was struck by how much some of my practice over the years resonated with his work.  I acquired one of his canvases (see above) and it will be on display next Sunday as part of my MACMILLAN Fundraiser…

This will run from 12noon till 4pm on SUNDAY 30th SEPTEMBER at The Old Chapel, 42 Derby Road, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2EN, our home – where we are opening up for viewing all the artworks we have acquired over the years (over 100 pieces or more!) and asking anyone and everyone to drop in for light refreshments and to look at the work…

Come along and say hello if you can!

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