Thinking Over The Support

David Manley Avatar

A good deal of my thinking recently has been around the support for the images I’ve been making in the Deadly Delicious series.  It’s not that I am unhappy with the pictures to date (just as well as the majority of them have been on display in Germany until last weekend) but that I’m now planning the rest of the circular pictures before starting on the ovals – and there’s the rub.  Whilst I’ve been able to buy the tondos off the peg the ovals are another matter.  So I’ve been thinking that maybe I should consider alternative supports than canvases.  Either wood panels or aluminium sheets with suitable support seems the best option but I’ve used boards in the past and not exactly got on with them…and I’ve never tried aluminium.  I also have no idea about costs for the latter so part of today is research into local fabricators to see what they might be able to do – and at what price…

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