Some days, weeks even, I am just a little overwhelmed by the information overload.  So much so that I get a headache of sorts, a kind of fuzziness and giddiness that simply will not go away.  In part it comes as a result of the continual barrage of stuff that I imagine I ought to be interested in.  It’s served me well enough over the years and I like to fool myself into thinking that it contributes to the experience I can bring to bear on what I do.  I wonder if that’s really the case?  So much overload occasionally takes me to a place where it’s only the ambiguities, the liminal moments, that air of uncertainty, that can make any real impact on my senses.

Wondering through the studio a few afternoon’s ago, the place completely empty bar my own footsteps the images thrown up by the light filtering through the gauze screens from other studio holders spaces seemed to me at least to be especially beautiful and have as much meaning, and maybe more, than just about anything I’d seen, heard or felt over the past few weeks…