And finally…back to the woods


I cannot exactly recall how long back Stephen MacInnis suggested we take a stick and turn it into an artwork (a la Andre Cadere) and then return to the woods.  Fortunately I already had one to hand, as a result of my wanderings in Dimminsdale (the Demon’s Dale) for my MA coursework, I’d picked up two or three with some idea in mind (I had lots of ‘ideas’ on the course!).  It wasn’t exactly one metre in length but no matter.  I painted it and then left it up a corner of the studio….

Returning to ‘work’ in the past couple days I spotted it and thought I really ought to complete ‘the piece’! So back to Dimminsdale this morning…and here it is…   Yep…the wheels on this ‘un turn real slow but they grind fine!!


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