Abstract Vernacular

On our foundation course we were over one week early on dispatched around the town with an SLR and as many b&w films as we could use (those were the days!) to “explore our visual world and make interesting and arresting images of what is right in front of us”.   It was a pretty standard basic art & design course idea but it began my love affair with what I always refer to as the abstract vernacular.

Over this last ten days or so we have been indulging ourselves in a holiday at a place called ‘home’ and rather enjoyable it’s been.  A few days back I visited Stowe in Bucks an amazing piece of classical landscaping and amongst the various set piece buildings is the Chinese pavilion.  Around the outside are some charming painted figures and scenes and small amounts of text…but inside these very formal  elements appear in the panels beneath the windows.  I was reminded of some of David Tremlett‘s work, an artist much underrated here in the UK but highly regarded in France and more widely across Europe and elsewhere.  Though of course I’m pretty sure the resemblance is purely accidental nonetheless I responded very positively to these two panel pieces.


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