Plane Space


recent post by Andy Parkinson mentioned Natalie Dower‘s work both in connection with her last solo show and participation in the group show at the Lion & Lamb in London.  At the same I’d just taken receipt of this invite and mistakenly conjoined the work of Katrina Blannin with that of Natalie…

I don’t mind at all as they both seem to be mining a rich and very elegant seam of hard edged abstraction…of a kind that I explored as an student in the early seventies and Andy started in the early eighties (?) and numerous others both before and after that time.  It’s good to know that this broad territory of art making is alive and well and blooming again in the second decade of this century having come of age in the last.  I have the curatorial helm at our studios gallery space in the year ahead and am planning a modest celebration of this aspect of art practice…of which more in the months to come.

In the meantime a visit to this show that also features excellent paintings by my good friend Dan Roach will be worth a visit!

3 thoughts on “Plane Space

  1. At the Lion and Lamb show Natalie Dower, Katrina Blannin and Dan Roach were all represented. The Dan Roach painting ‘Bridgegate’ was exquisite. I would like to see more so this Worcester show looks like a ‘must see’.

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