Summer Fun

It’s rather appropriate that the summer occasions rather sporadic blogging…and that in the spirit of these summer months one can let go a little and have some fun with the work.  Courtesy of fellow blogger and interesting artist Rachel Pinks I have been invited to participate in Salon 1 – a one night exhibition in Cromford, in the heart of the delightful Derbyshire Dales…and its good to see several other familiar faces taking part including Andy Parkinson.


I was thinking what I might contribute – quite a bit of the recent work either rather too large or too far away to send over – and then remembered a series of small canvases that have been pushed around the studio for the past eighteen months or so.  These are still a work in progress as I have an idea there should be around a dozen of them in due course…they emerged from outtakes to my From The Earth Wealth series and have some modest figurative associations being my musings and reflections on what might be happening in the life and times of an imaginary ancient old master painter living far from civilisation.  Each one references (albeit very loosely) imagery drawn from either a painting or photograph of a distinguished artist that happens to be kicking around my studio, a random selection of books that I’ve taken from my art library on different occasions.  Here’s the one titled The Old Master’s Garden…its oil on canvas and 40 x 30 cms.

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