I’m planning my annual Macmillan fundraiser now and am putting an advance notice up in various places – including here.  Although the nationwide annual coffee morning is a Friday (this year the 28th September) I am setting my event for SUNDAY 30th September from 11am to 4pm.  You come along – this year to my home (previously I have hosted the event at my studio) – for tea or coffee, cakes and biscuits and make a donation to a most worthy cause.  It’s always a very relaxed and informal occasion – and this time the focus shifts from solely my, and/or Sarah’s, work to us opening up the whole house for a viewing of the various works of art and craft we have acquired over the years.

So far I’ve totted up over 90 works that include over fifty artists!  The Chapel (42 Derby Road, Kegworth DE74 2EN) is quite a big place and our recent alterations have created a lot of additional wall space.  I’m aiming to make a few more art swaps between now and the day so hopefully we can expand the collection still further.  When I started noting down the work I realised that several pieces are connected to sad losses to cancer over the years (my first wife, Sarah’s father, one of my best friends and so on) so there’s a fitting connection.

If you can please find time to drop in and support the day…and you get a chance to see my lovely Sean Scully drawing!

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