What A Day!

What an interesting day…driving onto College Lane in Chichester the car spluttered and died in an enormous lake that the incessant rains of the past twelve hours had created.  Nothing for it but to leave it and leg it up to the Uni to get to the exam board. It went smoothly and was over in an hour.

Then over an hour and a half wait in the rain for the pick up truck to arrive.  That was pretty efficient and he had the car loaded onto the trailer in short order…only for us to get stuck in the traffic that was backing up all over courtesy of the floods that had closed a fair number of roads and created massive gridlock all over the area.  Very nearly two hours elapse before we call it a day and the truck driver leaves me at the rail station…so I can get trains home.  Hopefully the mercedes garage will eventually get the vehicle and fingers crossed can fix it for me to collect next week. 

So my first train crawls at around ten miles an hour across East Sussex and into Kent where it picks up speed a little.  Eventually it reaches a place called Three Bridges. Mercifully the connection that will take me to St. Pancras and thence hopefully to Derby arrives quite quickly…sadly it too, moves at a very sedate speed only gathering speed as it hits commuter stations in the city during rush hour! I have to fight my way off the train and navigate the station with what seems like half the nation.  No matter I make a train that leaves for Derby in five minutes, and better still it departs on time.  Just after six pm now and at least my shirt is dry enough to pull on the sweater i’d been keeping as a treat…as the rest of me has been completely sodden since around eleven thirty.  Even this isnt too bad except my hideously insubstantial espadrilles ensure wet feet throughout!  At one point I’d been wading through three foot of water…  

Home by 8:30pm – decidedly not too bad all things considered!Image


3 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. I thought my day was bad when, arriving in Birmingham to help my son move apartments I parked my car in what looked like a disused or even derelict space on Clement Street, safe, off the road, just to go inside and get a few boxes and by the time I got back 5 minutes later it had been clamped. Nice start to the day with lots to do, waiting for someone to come and unclamp the car (where now it had become immobile as if to prove the point that where it was parked was doing no one any harm at all) at an outrageous cost. It seemed bad to me at the time, but your day sounds to have been much worse!

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