In The Deep Mid Winter


at least that’s how it feels at the moment…and yet only ten days or so ago we were basking in 72 degrees of sunshine.   However its an ill wind…and I have had little distraction today as I ploughed on with the completion of the five smaller canvases to accompany the larger tondo’s for the upcoming Ostrale 012

I continue to struggle with these in no small measure because I cannot seem to get the colour relationships right first time around and so end up having to repaint the intricate detail several times over.  This adds to the facture that I want but is very time consuming.  And now of course I’m beginning to run out of adequate drying time…so the pressure is on.  Nonetheless it will be terrific to see the bulk of this new project to date  in the context of the site at Dresden and alongside some 240 or so artists from all over.



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