Balmy Days…

The weather was darn near perfect yesterday (bright sunshine and a comfortable temperature)..but this afternoon it’s become rather still and hazy.  I’ve very nearly finished my marking (it’s the feedback that takes the time) and to leaven the mix I get on with one or two more watercolours and drawings.  For this one I tried to restrict the colour palette just to see what the outcome was…maybe I need to try it out in oil to properly see the consequences.  As for the drawings I don’t understand my thinking with them at all!  It started out as a way of understanding the purpose and potential meaning of the forms I chose…but they seem to have taken on a curious life on their own. So maybe barmy day rather than balmy…


3 thoughts on “Balmy Days…

    1. Well, it is THE John Shakespeare. Heard a little about you very recently from Sylvia Emberson via Dave Heptonstall. Very sad to hear about Sue. So sorry. Hope you are now enjoying the darn near perfect monsoon we are now experiencing.

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