More from the Vaults…

A while back I posted a Mali Morris photo from her show at the Ikon in Birmingham in the 70’s when I worked there for five years.  Today I’m finishing off another watercolour for the Deadly Delicious series but between times also doing a little sorting, archiving and throwing out.  I embarked on a really long term archiving project  a while back…digitising all my slides, domestic and professional, and it’s quite a task!  However I think I’ve pretty much completed my slide files from the Ikon days.  Sadly I didn’t keep all of them but only a couple from each show.  But its interesting to look at them on screen again.  This is one from the Jack Bush retrospective we showed (I think it toured to several UK venues).  I don’t think I’d really registered him at the time we took the show – but when the work arrived and we began unpacking them and putting them up I began to appreciate just how good a painter he was.  Although working away ‘from the pack’ of the rest of the colourfield painters he shared their enthusiasms and commitment to colour and scale and – and I think this sets him apart from some of the others such as Dzubas, Olitski and so on – an abiding flirtation with formal relationships and associations to things in the world.


6 thoughts on “More from the Vaults…

  1. I think I’ve seen the large one on the right in person. Great post, and I’m enjoying these old exhibition photos. Do you have more? Alan Davie maybe?

  2. Thank you for posting this installation photo of the Jack Bush exhibition. I am currently compiling a catalogue raisonné of Jack Bush’s paintings and co-curating a retrospective exhibition to open at the National Gallery of Canada in October 2014. Come to Ottawa and see 10,000 sq. feet of Bush paintings! You’re right – it’s overdue. I am interested in obtaining a high res. image of that installation you’ve posted, please. It would be great for the catalogue.

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