It’s been a few days since I last posted…and a couple since I was properly ‘online’…by which I mean sitting at my ‘proper’ hard wired Mac that is where I can sort images and post them.  In part this is down to trips out with the family…hence the photo above taken at the amazing Hardwick Hall just up the motorway from us.  Image

We are fortunate to have several really amazing old country piles around us that can be quite an inspiration for ideas for one’s work.  Maybe too many – as I’m one of those people who can easily lose focus and spread myself around far too many ideas.  Yesterday I got back into the studio and as this 360 degree spread shows you can pretty much see what I mean.  By my own reckoning there are at least ten projects in play without delving into the sketchbooks and notebooks…none of which are anywhere near completion.


Is this such a bad thing?  after all I doubt whether there’s anyone now or in the future who will be tallying up my output as an artist or is in the least bit concerned about how I’m going about the construction of it.  What might or might not make a difference of sorts is what is ‘out there’ in the world and of that what ‘sticks’ in some fashion.  Maybe I should relax and just get on with it…

Or focus attention on other issues…such as that posed recently by Andy Parkinson…do the Deadly Delicious pictures have a ‘right’ way up?  Well now that’s one to ponder.  Of course the source images have been reproduced a certain way up…though that was either a matter of choice or accidental to the photographer.  And in my adaptations on the computer I’ve either maintained that integrity or rotated it through 90 or 180 degrees…and in the versions that I’m making on square canvases – see below – these become engrained (though I’ve just thought there’s nothing to stop them from being displayed as lozenges maybe?).  So really the only decision is a formal one – that is where I decide the image looks ‘right’ – and for me at least that is a pretty clear decision and determinant – so much so that the two that have made it out of the studio so far are very clearly marked with a ‘top’.  And yes…in answer to the question about the use of the tondo – the association with the petri dish is a deliberate one.

And back in the here and now I see I missed Stephen‘s birthday so belated felicitations!  And a Coxsackie virus for you…(though you wouldn’t want it for real!)



One thought on “Miscellany

  1. It’s never a bad thing to have many projects on the go, and thanks for the birthday greetings! A beautiful painting on a nasty virus.

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