ImageThanks to Andy Parkinson reposting one of my noodlings my blog seems to have gone from a few close intimates out into the wider blogosphere!  Hitherto I only very reached a handful of people – most of whom I knew well on a face to face basis (making one wonder exactly why I did it?).  Several of the blogs were in the past on another well known blogging site…

I can’t imagine why my mild depression seemed to hit a chord with others…but I can report that bright new morning has dawned.  Literally, as it happens, as our notoriously changeable weather has transformed itself overnight from deep mid-winter to marvellous springtime.  Let’s hope it hangs on for a few days.

Besides my two current significant projects I’m still working on one or two of Stephen MacInnis‘s ‘Wednesday Ideas’ and one is nearing fruition (I’m a slow worker by comparison!)…so my painted stick is going back to the woodlands as the weather is so good.  I’m not telling where it is but it’s a special place that I’ve worked in many times and featured in the portfolios I made as part of my Masters in Photography that I did a couple years back…here’s a couple images from those days…  The stick ‘in situ’ will be posted soon…Image


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