ImageBright morning

 A good day to be in the studio.  Plenty to do, and to get started a few moments tidying up.  Put all the mixed paint pots to one side and it makes me think of Bernard Frize for a second or two.  I have enjoyed his work over the years often for the inventiveness and slightly wacky edge as much as the finished objects (though a fair few of those have been super).  I recall seeing one of ‘Suite Segond’ pictures recently with its accretion of skeins from paint lids and imagine how these pots might look if they were laid down in front of a roller a la cornelia parker!  

And then to work…and a bit of discipline required as I really need to make adjustments to several of the larger canvases from ‘Deadly Delicious’ that will require some laborious overpainting.  I don’t think anyone who doesn’t do it really understands how tedious the act of creating pictures can be sometimes!


This one – HIV – has been quite stubborn and besides repainting the outer ground, essentially just lightening a wee bit,pretty much every other colour needs altering or adjusting…so far the pink has been treated to a tad more yellow in it and whitening it up a shade too.  On Wednesday (I’m treating myself to a day at Compton Verney tomorrow to see the Gainsborough show they just opened) I shall tackle those areas inside the pink, especially the darker ones that need to lighten up a good deal methinks.




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