Working From Home

Unbelievably we are still both full of cold so rather than go over to the studio we are working from home.  Not a hardship really though it does shape our activities somewhat…no oils here I’m afraid…


At the studio too, I have to use headphones so as not to disturb colleagues and drown out the noise of the textile machines upstairs from us (yes, we really do work in the ‘dark satanic mills’ of the Industrial Midlands…oh how romantic!), but here I can allow the music to float freely.  And though I sometimes value the importance of not being distracted by technology it can be a boon to be able to refer back to the computer as and when the ideas/process demands it.  As well as refer to the well stocked library we have amassed. 

And those visitors here who are eagle eyed will notice that I’ve used a bit of time today to tidy up this blog…


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