Good Diversions

Sometimes the diversions and excursions just interfere with the smooth flow of your work and other times they add such amazing riches to it.  Today is one such occasion.  Firstly yesterday afternoon I took delivery of ‘the box’ from Rachel Pinks originated by Stephen McInnis and this morning I took a peek and began pondering what I might do by way of amendments and additions to this rich source of material.  Secondly I’ve loaded and tidied all the images of the ‘Deadly Delicious’ series to date.  Five large and four small canvases plus five watercolours and two charcoal drawings…most pretty much completed.  Not too bad a haul in nine weeks given how fiddly they are.  Thirdly I have begun editing the short video of our current Artist In Residence at Harrington Mill Studios – Martin Lewis – that opens in a couple weeks time.  And lastly I’ve been using a bit of the time to catch up on a few pieces of fun that I’ve had in mind for a while.  The Thomas Demand exhibition (currently @ Nottingham Contemporary) geed me up to complete this one…whether or not these ‘oddities’ are ever exhibited anywhere goodness knows…

This one takes three very ancient slide images of colour projects from my callow youth and creates ‘A Recent History Of Art’Image


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